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Wishing All Our Customers " Ramadan Kareem 2020"

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Bakeries Dubai: Get Your Choice of high quality bakery ingredients and finished baked products in Dubai.

Now Special - Ramadan And Eid Ul Fitr Cakes

U.A.E National Day Cakes

Our Bakery Product Range:

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Welcome to Bakeries Dubai : Get Your Choice of high quality bakery ingredients and finished baked products in Dubai - only at

Frozen Baked Cakes:

9" Baked Carrot Cake Layers - 1oz
9" Baked Chocolate Cake Layers - 11oz
9" Baked German Choc Cake Layers - 11oz
9" Baked Italian Cream Cake Layers - 18oz
9" Baked Red Velvet Cake Layers - 18oz
9" Baked Yellow Cake Layers - 11oz
Butter Loaf Cake - 16oz
Cinnamon Streusel Loaf Cake 16oz
Gingerbread Loaf Cake 18oz
Marble Loaf Cake w/ Streusel 16oz
Pumpkin Loaf Cake 16oz
Red Velvet Loaf Cake w/ Icing 18oz

We appreciate you Inquiry by email only, please provide, the required quantity and expected time of delivery along with you business details. No phone inquiries

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Toy Cakes

Toy Cakes

Our new Toy Cakes collection will make your kids dance with joy. Each cake will bring a smile to children and parents alike.

Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

We take Wedding Cakes very seriously, for it is once in a life time experience for all the couples tying the nupital knot

Special Occasion Cakes

Occasion Cakes

Our special Occasion Cakes are made for specific festivals in mind. Be it Christmas, New Year, Eid, Diwali, Navrouz and have never failed to impress our clients, take the benefits of our special promotion and you may be entitled to free delivery!

Fillings& Spreads * Decorating Supplies * Flavors& Emulsions * Wedding Cakes * Toppings

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Remani Roastery LLC
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Dubai, U.A.E

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